May 31 — Day of Pentecost:

Regrettably, with news of increasing cases of COVID-19 in Highlands and Macon County, we are finding it necessary to take greater precautions in our church activities. We are using even wider distancing protocols, having fewer people participate in the services, and wearing masks up until the time the actual recording begins. Pastor Emily read Scripture and delivered the sermon on the gifts of the Spirit. Pastor Curtis led the viewers in prayer, confession of sins and assurance of pardon. Angie Jenkins played the hymns on pipe organ, and we continued with adding in pre-recorded music and photos from services in the past. Our videographer Scott McDuff contributed a beautiful flower arrangement.

Elder Scott McDuff brought flowers from home.
All participants wore masks until the recording began.
Scott McDuff continued to record the service for YouTube.
Rev. Dr. Curtis Fussell offered prayers and assurance of pardon.
The morning’s Scripture reading was from 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Rev. Emily Wilmarth’s message for the Day of Pentecost was titled, “God has Nothing to do with Who We Are?”

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