May 17– the Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Rev. Emily Wilmarth led the service with a moving sermon on Jesus’ commandment to “love one another.” The Rev. Dr. Curtis Fussell participated with the Prayer of Confession, Prayers of God’s People, and assurance of the forgiveness of sins. We incorporated music accompanied by photos from previous services, helping us to remember the joy of gathering for worship. We keep in our hearts the faith that empty pews will not forever be the fact of our church life, but that we will one day be able to return to our beloved sanctuary as a congregation.

This week’s music featured the 1831 Rowland Prichard composition, “Hyfrydol,” performed as the prelude by bagpiper Cameron Nixon and organist Angie Jenkins on May 27, 2018. The anthem was Jean Sibelius’ “Be Still My Soul,” arranged by Dan Bird and performed on March 19, 2018 by Andrew Parker, oboist, and Angie Jenkins. Dr. Michael Lancaster led the singing of hymns.

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