Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday worship service, filmed for congregational viewing on YouTube, focused on meeting our risen Lord whenever and wherever we go out to serve. The Rev. Dr. Curtis Fussell and Rev. Emily Wilmarth
led the service with Scripture, prayer, sermon and the serving of Holy Communion. Michael Lancaster led the singing of hymns, accompanied by Angie Jenkins who also provided the Prelude, music during the
service of Communion, and Postlude on the pipe organ.

The coverings placed over the pulpit and baptismal font during the Passion Sunday service, were removed at the beginning of worship.
The pastors placed Easter Liles on the flower stands…
… and brought in bread and wine for the Sacrament of
Director of Worship and Music, Dr. Michael Lancaster
Director of Music Ministry/Organist Angie Jenkins
Pastor Curtis Fussell poured water at the font, offering assurance
of pardon.
Pastor Curtis brought the morning’s sermon.
The pastors offered the Prayer of Great Thanksgiving and Words of
Institution prior to serving Holy Communion, encouraging viewers to
participate in their own homes.
Michael Lancaster led he closing hymn.
The Charge and Benediction. Easter blessings to all!

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