Sunday, July 11: The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

The flowers in the sanctuary were presented to the glory of God by Betty Fisher in loving memory of the Crawford and Fisher families.
Betty Fisher lovingly grew and tended these beautiful flowers in her own garden.
Organist Angie Jenkins opened the service with the Prelude: “Reflection on Bunessan” arranged by Andrew Moore.
The sanctuary was nearly full to capacity this morning. We have been slowly working through the transitional period after the Covid interruption of services.
Pastor Emily Wilmarth welcomed all worshippers and gave the Opening Litany, Prayer of Confession and Assurance of God’s Grace.
Her sermon was based on Ephesians 1:1-14, and focused on the assurance that we were chosen by Christ before the creation of the world, to dwell in the love of God. This “chosen-ness” in no way is meant to exclude certain people, but rather is a promise that God’s grace is given for all.
Pastor Curtis offered the Prayers of God’s People, The Lord’s Prayer and the Offertory Prayer.
We were blessed to have baritone Steve Ozcomert with us to sing an arrangement of “Deep River” by Harry Burleigh.
Angie Jenkins accompanied Steve on piano.

Following Emily’s benediction, Angie closed the service with “Alleluia from Exsultate Jubilate” by Mozart as the Postlude.
All were invited to “Pass the Peace on the Patio” with coffee, lemonade and pastries after the worship service.

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