Sunday, April 18: Third Sunday of Easter

This morning’s Prelude, recorded during the February 24, 2019 worship service, was “Sinfonia” from Cantata No. 145 by J.S. Bach. It was performed by Rabun Gap-Nacoochee students Rosine Yin, Pianist, and Simon Park, Flutist.

Pastor Emily Wilmarth gave the Call to Worship and Assurance of Grace.

Keith Crawford and Ken Proctor offered the Opening Litany, the Prayer of Confession, and Passing of the Peace from their home. We are delighted to have Keith and Ken’s participation in the service.

A 2013 recording of ”Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” arranged by Edwin Childs, was the morning’s Anthem. It was sung by the Chancel Choir and accompanied by Angie Jenkins on piano, under the direction of Dr. Michael Lancaster.

Pastor Emily preached on a Scripture reading of Luke 24:36-48, which recounts the reappearance of Jesus to the disciples after his resurrection, and after meeting and dining with two of them on the road to Emmaus.

Emily explored the concept of Christian hospitality, which flows from a generosity of heart and spirit, with no expectation of return in kind. It has to do with engaging in relationship with and valuing the other, offering ourselves sacrificially without counting the cost. As we move through and beyond the pandemic with its isolating distancing, we will begin to learn new ways of doing the work of “Holy Hospitality.”

A special musical offering was provided via video by a group of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School vocalists. With Allegra Boggess directing, they sang a beautiful rendition of the African-American Spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

Pastor Curtis Fussell led the congregation in the Prayers of God’s People, the Lord’s Prayer and Offertory Prayer.

Angie closed the worship service with the Benediction hymn, “God Be With You Til We Meet Again,” and the Postlude, “O Lord, You Are My God and King” by Charles H. Perry, on the pipe organ.+1146People Reached6EngagementsBoost Post

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