Easter Sunday Celebration, April 4, 2021

The flowers in the sanctuary on this Easter morning were given by Stell Huie and his family in loving memory of Madaline Johnson Huie on the anniversary of her death four years ago.

This service, recorded and available for viewing on YouTube, incorporates music from the 2018 Easter Service. It features a Brass Quintet consisting of trumpeters Andy Buckner & Tyrone Kiaku, hornist Courtney Stiwalt, trombonist Larry Trout, tubist Bob Buckner, and timpanist Mario Gaetano. The music was directed by Dr. Michael Lancaster and accompanied by Angie Jenkins, Organist. The Prelude was “Fanfare On Thaxted” by Gustav Holst, arranged by Kevin Hildebrand. The anthem was “Christ is Risen, Shout Hosanna” by Jeremy Bankson, and sung by the Chancel Choir. The choir also sang “Now All the Vault of Heaven Resounds” by John Behnke, as a Musical Offering. The Brass Quintet accompanied all pieces of music.

Reflecting on our perception of the seemingly “unfinished” Gospel of Mark, Pastor Emily Wilmarth acknowledged our struggle to receive the good news of Jesus’ resurrection in the face of much pain and grief still among us. Yet on the other side of grief, joy awaits, hope prevails. We can read Mark‘s gospel not as an unfinished story but as an invitation to consider what we will do with the good news of the empty tomb, for in life and in death we belong to the God of resurrection. Emily referenced the Lenten cherry tree in the sanctuary, overflowing with the origami butterflies bearing our prayers for the world, our community, and our loved ones, living and passed on. The tree will be planted on the church grounds and as it grows and blooms through the years will be a reminder and testament to the truth of God’s love for us all.

Emily brought her children, Clara and Elliot, into the sanctuary for a Children’s Moment, explaining to them the symbolism and significance of the Lenten tree and butterflies. Elliot proceeded to eat a butterfly during the chat.

Pastors Curtis Fussell and Emily together conducted the Sacrament of Holy Communion, inviting the congregation and all viewers to participate by taking the bread and cup in their homes, remembering that we are united as members of God’s family, and will be together in person again.

Angie played the magnificent “He Arose” by Robert Lowry, as Postlude, on pipe organ.

First Presbyterian Church wishes each and every one a blessed and joyous Easter!

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