Sunday, February 21: First Sunday in Lent

We were honored and blessed to have Dr. Michael Lancaster, our Director of Worship and Music, provide via video a special musical offering as our Prelude this morning. He played a marvelous viola rendition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus.”

Pastor Emily Wilmarth welcomed all to worship, after which Jennifer Regner and Marty Boone offered the Opening Litany, the Prayer of Confession, and Passing of the Peace. A February 18, 2018 recording of ”Down Galilee’s Dark Roadways,” by Michael Burkhardt, was the morning’s Anthem. It was sung by the Chancel Choir and accompanied by Angie Jenkins, Organist, with Dr. Michael Lancaster directing.

Pastor Emily gave a Scripture reading of Mark 1:9-15, which recounts John’s baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and his subsequent time of fasting and temptation in the wilderness. She related Jesus’ experience to our own Lenten journey and the transforming power of our wilderness experiences. We emerge from them with a deeper understanding of who we are and a profound reminder of our dependence on God. This journey provides us with the opportunity not only to do the work of repentance, but also to acknowledge the angels who attend us through the experience.

Pastor Curtis Fussell led the congregation in the Prayers of God’s People, the Lord’s Prayer and Offertory Prayer. Angie Jenkins closed the service closed with the Benediction Hymn, “God Be WIth You Til We Meet Again” and Handel’s beautiful Postlude, “March in C Major” on the pipe organ

.A reminder: the Monday morning Prayer Group will be making origami butterflies to bedeck our live cherry tree in the Sanctuary, each Sunday at noon. We have asked the congregation to send us your prayers via email, or drop them off in the church office, to be printed out and incorporated into the origami art. This observance will continue throughout the season of Lent.+639People Reached11EngagementsBoost Post


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